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Hargrove Entertainment's Advertorial Services produces features focused on international markets. Our advertorials can vary in scope from entire country profiles to narrow segments on specific or niche markets such as tourism, trade & investment or real estate.

We are dedicated to raising the profile of the world's most dynamic economies and markets through placement of our sponsor's message in carefully selected print media.

We plan and execute each advertorial piece in close collaboration with our clients, ensuring that their promotional mission is fully achieved on time and within budget. Our talented staff of freelance writers and researchers based in New York has wide experience in international markets and the proven ability to deliver a quality product. 

Depending on client needs our advertorial work can be produced as supplements fully and seamlessly integrated into magazines and newspapers or as separate free standing inserts (FSI) merely using the publication as a carrier.

We believe that our clients deserve the most appropriate medium for their promotional message. Consequently Hargrove maintains relationships with a variety of publications and is able to select appropriate media placement for their message based on our client's target market and budget considerations.

Hargrove, in close collaboration with our clients, is solely responsible for the content of our reports. As an independent agency with full editorial control, we have found that our clients welcome the opportunity to provide greater input and review of our reports' content in conveying their message to the target market.

Our advertorial placements are done in New York City based publications. Hargrove leverages its New York City location to the fullest. New York is home to the offices of 20 of the top 25 foreign branches of international banks, 8 of the world's top 10 securities firms, and 219 international banks. In recent years, a total of $3.2 trillion for global businesses was raised in New York, compared with just $0.9 trillion in the city's closest rival.

As the home of more leading American corporations than any other city, New York can be described as the nation's economic capital. Additionally, with most of the leading print and electronic media outlets having a NYC base, New York is the undisputed media capital of the world.

Our first class print production skills allied to the powerful reach of our media partners creates a winning combination which will differentiate your message from the cluttered landscape.

With our impact extending from the most influential decision-makers in the American political, financial, and economic communities to mainstream consumers, we assist our clients to achieve their promotional mission.

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